Why a video chat is better than correspondence

Why a video chat is better than correspondence

Why a video chat is better than correspondence

Communication in online chats always involves only two options – it is either video communication or correspondence. Each way has its fans, who are sure that this is the best option for dating and making friends.

This is undoubtedly true, since all opinions are subjective, but what if you try to figure out why video chat is better than correspondence? There are several arguments specifically for this to help ensure that video communication is better than text messaging.

Emotions that cannot be hidden

Communication through video chat helps the interlocutors to better perceive the emotions and state of the other person. At the same time, a certain trust is formed almost immediately, because the interlocutor sees that in front of him is exactly the same person. Of course, it is not a robot that sends suggestions in correspondence either, but visual contact gives a confirmation signal to the brain. And that is why emotions during communication become much more sincere and truthful.

When communicating in Omegle, you can easily connect a webcam and a microphone, so that dialogue with an interesting interlocutor will bring more pleasure and benefit. Agree that it is much easier to attract a person’s attention if he sees you. And just as easy to convey to him your emotional state.

In addition to visual contact, voice is also included to help. It is his timbre that easily conveys to the interlocutor all the emotions and hidden subtexts of speech, which is beyond the power of ordinary text messages.

There is no soul in the text messages

Whoever says anything, a simple correspondence will not say absolutely nothing about the interlocutor. Anything can be hidden behind letters and words, and the truth will remain beyond the obvious. This, by the way, is often used by people who are not too confident in themselves. Text communication allows them to think about next steps to show their dialogue partner that they are much better than they really are.

Exactly the opposite is the case in video chats. When communicating, for example, in Chatroulette, you can use any way of conversation. However, if you look at the text channels, there are few interlocutors. On average, the search takes a few minutes. But in the video section, everything is different – you can connect to a chat with another person in a matter of seconds, and you can adjust the preference by language or country. In this case, communication can be struck from the very first moments.

Another important factor: if you are determined to find yourself a friend or girlfriend not only by correspondence, then appearance will certainly play an important role. Therefore, it is important to see a person.

If the mental connection with the interlocutor is very important for you, or you simply do not want to waste time on long correspondence, then video chat is the most optimal choice. Just do not forget to prepare for it by choosing your best look!

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