When is it better to get married?

When is it better to get married?

When is it better to get married?

Many men, having found their soulmate, are wondering at when it is best to get married. You can pay attention to many factors:

· The age of men.

· Advice of astrologers.

· Personal preferences.

· Folk traditions.

· The health status of men.

What is advised by astrologers?

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If you are thinking about a wedding and want to be with your soulmate for a long time, it is important to choose the right time for the wedding. In order for a married life to be long and happy, you can turn to an astrologer for advice.

When choosing a time for a wedding, an astrologer recommends:

· Do not choose a leap year, because it is one of the most unlucky periods that can negatively affect future relationships.

· When choosing a month for marriage, you should not opt ​​for the month of May. This month is also considered one of the most unlucky.

· Many believe that Tuesday and Thursday are not the optimal days for weddings, so it is better not to choose them. Days like Wednesday and Saturday can bring a chill to your relationship. If you are ready for the sake of the family to sacrifice your career and give all the energy to the family, then you can choose Saturday as the day for the wedding.

Popular beliefs

Not only astrologers can tell what time is best for the wedding, but also wise old people. Passing on their knowledge from generation to generation, people share secrets that will help preserve the family for many years.

A long time ago people noticed that getting married on the day of the lunar eclipse means to doom your marriage. During preparation for the marriage, it is worth paying attention to certain signs. For example, a suddenly torn veil, traffic jams on the way to the registry office, falling rings during their exchange – all these signs warn you about the wrong decision.

In order for the family to live happily ever after, it is important to clearly follow all the traditions:

· The bride must be in shoes, even if the wedding takes place in the summer.

· You cannot give anyone the wedding bouquet.

· It is important that the bride wears a veil. All such uncomplicated ceremonies will save family happiness for many years and protect the family from problems. If you are still only at the stage of choosing a partner, you can visit Omegle and Chatroulette, there are always a lot of interesting people who are looking for their soulmate or people for a pleasant conversation. Omegle and Chatroulette are great opportunities for online communication that can grow into something more serious.

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