What topics should not be discussed with a guy in a chat

What topics should not be discussed with a guy in a chat

What topics should not be discussed with a guy in a chat

A great way to get to know each other and to start a new relationship is dating sites. This is especially true for people who do not have the opportunity to attend parties, where you can meet a soulmate.

But you should not forget that not all questions may interest the person you are talking to in a chat. During the first meeting, a lot of girls try to get as much information as possible about a man and ask incorrect questions. Sometimes it is better to be silent and listen.

In order to avoid mistakes and not to seem boring, you should pay attention to topics that you should not discuss with a man.

What questions should be avoided

It is undoubtedly true that direct questions allow you to get information about the interlocutor, allowing you to evaluate his/her character traits. But here you have to be able to express your opinion correctly.

In order to prove yourself as a professional listener in a friendly conversation, a girl should avoid the following questions:

  • what are you doing on this site. After such a question, any serious man will have doubts about creating his profile in a chat-roulette. Even if a man is not interested in a long-term relationship and he is looking for only a partner for sex without obligations, then he is unlikely to tell about this girl;
  • what car do you have? These questions do not need to be asked directly. Such topics immediately cause irritation and emphasize your material interest;
  • where will we go when we meet. If a girl wants to really get to know each other with her interlocutor and find a soulmate, and not just have fun in an expensive restaurant, then you should not discuss such topics;
  • why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend. Such questions are only suitable for those who want just to discuss with a stranger their feelings;
  • do you want a baby. For a happy family life, the question is quite relevant, but do not talk about it in a chat. There are a lot of examples when a man becomes the happiest father after the appearance of a son or daughter, and there are opposite cases. Moreover, not everyone can sincerely answer a stranger about their innermost dreams.

You have to understand that not everyone will like a conversation with a psychologist.

If a girl realized that her question caused awkwardness in a man, then it is better to make up a topic that can be laughed at or joke. Well, do not forget about the most important weapon of a woman – a beautiful smile.

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