What is Chatroulette for?

What is Chatroulette for?

What is Chatroulette for?

Chatroulette is a legendary Russian service that has brought together users from all over the world. This simple but very interesting site was created for communication with strangers. This communication format allows you to gain a fundamentally new experience.

A lot of people have got rid of loneliness with the help of Chatroulette, found like-minded people and got acquainted with the culture of other nations. The site has unexpectedly gained popularity in various countries.

The site features

The structure of the site is simple. Each user can communicate with a stranger in a video chat or in personal correspondence. The main principle of the project is a random search of the interlocutors. The user can set the country and region that interests him.

Another important feature is anonymity. You do not have to enter passport data here, your interests, address and other information. You can disconnect or change the region at any time.

The half of random interlocutors is residents of the United States. For many people, using this site is a great opportunity to communicate with foreigners. Some users claim that they can even find a soulmate in the Chatroulette.

User opinions:

Users note that they use Chatroulette for the following purposes:

  • to have fun;
  • to find people with common interests;
  • to get to know the culture of other countries;
  • to find a pleasant interlocutor.

Chatroulette has quickly gained popularity and attracted world attention. Information about the site appeared in such well-known publications as the New York Times and the New York Magazine. The service attendance is 1.5 million people per day. Such a rush around the Russian project could not go unnoticed by the enterprising programmers.

That is why a large number of clone sites appeared on the Internet after 2010. Such projects have also achieved overwhelming success. People from all over the world enjoy using sites that allow them to communicate with random strangers in an anonymous mode.

Enhanced Chatroulette idea

A large number of the dating sites are based on the idea of ​​Chatroulette. A lot of developers have noted the principle of random selection and anonymity. It allows users to be more relaxed in front of the webcam.

Some interesting facts

The first investment in the site was 10,000 dollars. Large companies wanted to redeem the project for a larger amount, but the creator rejected such offers.

On February 27, 2010, the famous group Faith No More used Chatroulette to broadcast its performance. The festival was held in Melbourne, Australia. Thus, the site has contributed to the cultural and musical sphere.

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