How to earn the trust of the interlocutor

How to earn the trust of the interlocutor

How to earn the trust of the interlocutor

Communication is an important part of our lives. Most people need communication, and they strive to build it as efficiently as possible. A person is a social being. In order for life to be successful, you have to communicate with other people.

Pros and Cons of online communication

Nowadays traditional communication between people is increasingly giving way to communication in the virtual world. This occurs for a number of reasons:

· A modern successful person is busy building his own career and he has little time left for everyday things such as ordinary communication with friends or acquaintances;

· Communication using modern information technology is simple and affordable. You can stay at home, but communicate with a person from another country. In addition, you can communicate with interesting people at any time of the day;

· Online communication with people, as a rule, occurs in anonymous mode. This form of communication allows shy people to communicate;

· Communication using Internet services is free of charge, except for payment for using the network;

· The Internet can offer a lot of interlocutors as the user audience is very large.

This way of communication also has disadvantages:

· An anonymous mode of communication allows an inadequate person to hide behind a neutral profile, which is difficult to recognize immediately;

· Not all communication services allow you to show all your emotions and feelings;

· The Internet services for communication can be used by your interlocutor to achieve their mercantile goals.

How to please your interlocutor, communicating in the Internet?

For normal communication your partner should trust you. Although virtual communication often does not oblige you to do anything, however the mutual trust of the interlocutors is important.

How to build a strategy for your behavior to gain trust from your interlocutor? A number of recommendations can be made for this:

· You have to determine the interests of your interlocutor as accurately as possible and focus on their discussion. An ideal case when these interests coincide with yours;

· The ability to correlate your mood with the mood of your interlocutor is important. Very often, for confidence to arise, it is enough to carefully listen to your interlocutor and express empathy;

· Communicating with your interlocutor, especially when it comes to video chatting, try to smile more often and look directly in the eye. When contacting a communication partner, try to call him by name;

· You should try to get your interlocutor to talk more. The more he speaks, the more he will reveal himself;

· The use of compliments in relation to the interlocutor will lead to good results in communication, especially if it is a woman.

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