Fast Video Dating: Pros and Cons

Fast Video Dating: Pros and Cons

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Searching for a romantic partner is one of the issues that the majority of people face at some point of their life. In previous times, it was rather a local issue, because people did not travel much. Today, though, Internet may become the main medium for meeting people, and travelling to a different country is not a problem anymore.

New Age of Dating

Nowadays, things are simpler than even several decades ago, when technological progress has not yet gone so far. So, let’s talk about such option as video dating online. This is a very good option for people who are extremely busy at work and lack time for going out. It is also useful for very shy people.

Today, live video dating replaces snail mail or old good phone acquaintances favorited by many. Traditionally, before using Skype or another video-chat, people often sent letters, learned about each other’s interests, hobbies. Today, all this can be combined on a dating website.

Why people opt for this service:

  • It is convenient.
  • It’s cheaper than going out each time you want to meet somebody.
  • You may have romantic communication with people from another country and different cultural background.

Scientists believe that soon video dating online will take the leading positions in this field. The most intriguing moment of such romantic communications may be that this kind of contact is similar to meeting in a real life.

Virtual Meeting

Imagine an acquaintance on the street (in a cafe, library, cinema): first there is visual contact, and then follows a conversation when people try to learn more about each other. Not far away from this scenario live video dating goes on with a difference that everything happens in the virtual space.

Pros of Fast Video Dating

One of the main pros is that the people are able to see each other and hear each other’s voices. Body language, facial gestures and tone of voice are powerful factors that often define attractiveness or unattractiveness of a person for another person.

Another obvious pro is that the conversation develops totally naturally, as a usual conversation in real life would. Some people are not really good in texting, and fail to follow the unwritten principles of efficient texting.

The third main pro is that you are able to see whether the person really looks like he or she represents themselves on photos. If not, one would not just waste their time on a person who tends to lie.

Cons of Fast Video Dating

The most obvious con of fast video dating is that you have to react fast, be attractive fast, and have no time to think an answer over, as it is possible when texting. All natural awkwardness and inability to be a good companion is exposed.

Another con is that people often visit dating websites after a long working day, but to be successful in communication, they have to be attractive. So one cannot just relax in front of the laptop in cosy socks and a cup of tea, texting and watching a movie at the same time.

Overall, video dating is a great option definitely worth trying.

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