Choosing an avatar for a chat-roulette

Choosing an avatar for a chat-roulette

Choosing an avatar for a chat-roulette

After registering in Omegle and Chatroulette, one of the most important problems that users face is the problem of choosing an original avatar. And this is not surprising, because the attractiveness of your personality and the level of probability of making an interesting acquaintance depend on the picture that you choose for your profile. Today we will tell you how to choose the right avatar and reveal some secrets of its high-quality design.

A picture or a photo?

Many users like to choose as the avatar not their own photo, but the picture they like – for example, a cat and a cartoon character. We do not deny that the creatures and Ariel with Batmen look funny, but will a person be interested in your profile? It is hardly possible to take seriously a person who has chosen pictures that has become boring to everyone as a profile image.

The ideal avatar is your own photo. Try to choose a high quality photo, which will clearly show your face. Such a solution will allow your interlocutor to immediately evaluate your appearance and convince him that you are interested in serious communication. If you do not want to take a new photo – take any of your photos from the social networks or Instagram.

Select the “right” photo

The first rule for choosing a photo for an avatar is visibility. Try to express the essence of your personality in a single image. Be natural, smile and do not be sad in no case, because depressed people in Omegle and Chatroulette are of little interest. Remember that positive people are always in demand!

Get involved in photo processing in Photoshop is also not worth it. The only thing that can be done is to remove some small objects in the background or small skin imperfections. Your virtual image should be the same as in life, otherwise your interlocutor may have various unpleasant questions for you at a real meeting.

An avatar or several ones

Some chat-roulette users are very fond of constantly changing avatars. Alas, the constant updating of the profile only interferes with other visitors to the dating portal, because they simply do not have time for your rapidly changing image, and sometimes they can even forget who you really are.

We advise you to choose one attractive photo and make it permanent. Well, if you already very much want to change the avatar, then do this every 2-3 months. The habit of seeing a familiar face in a frequently visited profile is a great thing, so it will be much easier for your permanent interlocutor to constantly associate you with the same photo. Good luck in your acquaintances and be happy!

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