5 rules for flirting with a girl

5 rules for flirting with a girl

5 rules for flirting with a girl

Flirting with women is a special skill. It requires the ability to make compliments, think extraordinary and ask the right questions. In addition, a man must have a good sense of humor and have an attractive appearance.

It applies to live communication. But what if you are talking with a girl online using one of the popular Internet communicators Omegle and Chatroulette?

You should understand that you will not be able to feel her mood. What is more, keep in mind that you will also not be able to convey emotions through facial expressions and gestures.

In order to make a girl fall in love with you, you should learn how to flirt and take into account some rules and recommendations related to this process.

5 main aspects of flirting with a girl

You can interest your interlocutor and bring a bit of intrigue to the dialogue by following these key rules:

1. Make sincere compliments. However, you should be aware that if a woman feels naked flattery, she will not appreciate it. Even if your interlocutor is very attractive, you should not openly declare it. It is much more correct in the process of conversation to emphasize her extraordinary thinking and an interesting opinion. If communication takes place in a video chat, you can note how wonderful she looks. Do not forget that, first of all, a woman loves complements, therefore, make compliments as many as possible.

2. Focus on your libido and the way you present information. Positive attitude and confidence are “two pillars” that should be at the head of communication with a girl. Be witty, do not be afraid to show your sense of humor. Even if your jokes are too sharp, it is okay. In any case, it is much better than being boring or driving a girl into depression with boring questions. However, you should not overdo it. For example, you should not talk about sex at the first Internet contact. She is more likely to stop communicating, finding you sexually preoccupied.

3. Avoid commonplace questions. If you are determined to seem ordinary and boring, then you can safely ask her about the weather, work or the political situation in the country. Such a conversation will show that you hopeless. First of all, a woman appreciates intelligence, resourcefulness and non-triviality in a man. If you do not possess these qualities, it does not matter. Prepare in advance for an interesting dialogue by gathering hot information from the Internet resources. Try to focus on her interests and discuss her hobbies. It will not be superfluous to find out about her immediate plans for the future. In response, share your perspectives. It will show your desire for growth and intellectual development.

4. Demonstrate a principled approach and perseverance in any matter. Even if the issue is not so serious and there is no definite answer to it, continue to defend your point of view, appealing with suitable arguments. Having shown integrity and adherence to character, you will make it clear to the girl that you know how to achieve your goal and sooner or later you will make her fall in love with you.

5. Know how to be relaxed. If you constantly raise serious topics (even non-trivial and interesting ones), it can make some tension. Learn to accidentally change the topic of a conversation, for example, for no reason, ask if she knows how to ride a bicycle or whether she likes red currants. It will allow her to relax and provide an occasion for a casual conversation.

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