5 questions to a stranger in a chat

5 questions to a stranger in a chat

5 questions to a stranger in a chat

What should I ask a stranger in a chat-roulette to start a conversation? We offer five questions that can be asked to a stranger in a chat.

‘How do you live?’

A person does not need to tell about his work or relationships with parent. He/she will tell what he/she wants. Not ‘what are you doing’ (the answer will be – I am talking to with you), not ‘how are you’ (I am fine, thank you), Ask ‘how do you live’.

‘What are you going to do?’

Not everyone is willing to share their plans, but this is only one of the ways to engage in conversation. If it does not work, use the next one.

‘How was your day?’

Do not ask this question literally. Here are the possible modifications:

  • what was interesting today?
  • where were you today / what did you see?

An open-ended question allows the interlocutor to tell about what has already happened.

‘What are your three main character traits?’

It is not difficult. Develop the conversation. Ask the interlocutor whether he/she likes these traits. You will hear a fascinating story.

‘What are the three main qualities of your partner?’

After learning about what a person on the other side of the screen expects from others, you can discuss hidden topics. Of course, if you feel a need for this.

As you can see, starting a dialogue is simple and holding it is not much more difficult. Be confident, unpredictable and listen carefully. Then you can count on pleasant communication with a stranger.

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