5 best topics to get acquainted with a guy

5 best topics to get acquainted with a guy

5 best topics to get acquainted with a guy

Communication in the Internet has many features. Guys, like girls, want to talk about themselves. We decided to make top 5 topics that can be discussed with a young man on the first online date.


This is the topic that any man puts in the first place. For men, it is important to be realized in society. For women, family will always be their higher priority. Therefore, a lot of men are ready to talk about the subtleties of their specialty and their own duties.

The place of study

This is another popular topic on the first date, both in the Internet and in live communication. Ask the guy where he studied, what subjects were favorite. You can also include the question ‘Do you miss school?’.

The topic makes it possible to understand whether a person has a desire to learn new things, to develop, what type of mindset he has.


Different interests are an indicator of a keen personality. It means that the man does not lose time when he is alone. Hobby can be not only the study of foreign languages ​​or sports, but also meetings with friends, nature trips, reading.

Goals and plans

A man who does not have a goal will not achieve for anything. He will not try to improve the situation, to achieve new heights in his career.

Look for someone who will speak about the upcoming plans with enthusiasm.

Childhood and so on

The first date is not intended to discuss serious topics. For example, you can ask about dreams, children’s fears and desires. Thanks to the discussion of such topics you will understand how sincere a person is.

Popular online chats

Omegle and Chatroulette are the best video chats in the Internet. The first is one of the very first on the Internet. It is loved for its design, the possibility of more careful selection of the interlocutor and a special section ‘not for everyone’. Chatroulette is simpler in design, but it is still popular all over the world.

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